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ZTOWER High-Tech Park & Business Center is designed to host digital technologies companies, massively clustering professionals and business entities from the IT and IT-related sectors. The building appeals to progressive companies in quest for quality improved and open layout office spaces, parking availability and a fair amount of technological systems. 

ZTOWER High-Tech Park & Business Center offices area range from 18 to 850 sq m per floor. The average asked price is 10.5 €/sq m/month w/o VAT. The tenant is also charged a maintenance fee of 1.5 €/sq m/month w/o VAT (to compensate for a string o operating costs: 24/7 on-site technical staff, buiding security, cleaning & waste management, equipment maintenance and repair, insurance & taxes etc.) and mettered overhead costs (HVAC, running water and disposal). Up to 20 open air parking spaces per company are available on-site. The building main technical systems include but are not limited to: 4 new Klemann elevators, two-sources 4060 kW/h available on-site and back-up generator, gas boiler heating, force draft, exhaust and blast ventilation system, multiple zone inverter air conditioning, first class VIP shuttle, on-site security and access control. It also accomodates a 60 person conference room. A 10% discount is offered for pre-paid annual rent. A deposit in the amount of 3 monthly rents is requested form the tenant at the signing of the contract.

The building was commissioned in 2014 after the completion of a $4.5 million renovation and repurposing project. It has a solid tenant rooster and occupancy close to 100%. It is located in Chisinau, 8 Calea Ieșilor str., MD-2069, in a 10 minutes reach of city downtown (by car or nearly 12 public transportation means available).