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1st Floor

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360 sqm of offices and 1000 sqm of shops

ZTOWER High-Tech Park & Business Center is a 7 level repurposed building, with offices of 18 to 850 sqm (per floor) an street-side shops with areas of up to 650 sqm. The building only leases offices and shops, never sells ones. The average asked price for office is 10.5 €/sqm/month w/o VAT. The tenant is also charge a maintenance fee of 1.5 €/sqm/month w/o VAT (to compensate for a string o operating costs: 24/7 on-site technical staff, buiding security, cleaning & waste management, equipment maintenance and repair, insurance & taxes etc.) and mettered overhead costs (HVAC, running water and disposal). Up to 20 open air parking spaces per company are available on-site. 

The hereby attached downloadable layouts feature building floor plans. Available premises are shaded in yellow (negotiatied) and red (available). Occupied premises plans are filled with green. One can slide through the buildings levels to observe each floor layout and occupancy status. For a more accurate update, please submit your office availability request at 00 373 22 837 196 or email us at